ALG Liberty Action Report - Limbaugh is right about Obama's war on suburbs


July 18, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Limbaugh is right about Obama's war on suburbs
Radio host Rush Limbaugh: "What better way to give a boost to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act and the remaking of American neighborhoods than to start injecting illegal immigrant populations into targeted cities and towns in the suburbs all across the country?"

Lois Lerner's pension defunded and a whole lot more
Lois Lerner was apparently patient zero of deadly computer viruses within the United States government as it has been learned that some of her former colleagues at the Federal Election Commission also mysteriously lost their computer hard drives.  Of course, they had to be destroyed as well.

Rubino: Taking control of the time in which we live
"[S]ound money is really a moral issue as much as it is a financial issue. It means you have to keep your promises. And that governments have to maintain the value of their promises -- a piece of currency is basically a promise that if you hold on to it today, you will be able to exchange it for something of equal real value sometime in the future. Governments have been breaking that promise consistently since 1971 and that moral corruption has bled over into every other aspect of life."