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Nashua Telegraph: Scott Brown Calls Himself A 'Problem Solver' In Interview

 By Kevin Landrigan, Nashua Telegraph
July 18, 2014

Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown, of Rye, says repealing the Affordable Care Act can be done as he’s hopeful enough Democratic senators will come to realize the health care mandate is crippling the nation’s economic recovery.


“There is a time to draw the line in the sand, but our country is in trouble right now. There are a lot of ideologues down there; I am a problem solver,” Brown said alluding to his tough upbringing with a single mother who was married four times.

Later Brown said, “If they don’t want a problem solver, they shouldn’t vote for me.”

Throughout the interview, Brown tried to contrast his record of accomplishment with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., who he labeled a “rubber stamp” for Obama who’s been unproductive during her five and a half years in the Senate.

As for his achievements, Brown points to authoring the ban on insider trading by members of Congress, the Hire a Hero tax credit for veterans and becoming a decisive vote to pass the Dodd-Frank law that cracked down on risky lending.

“I am not a rubber stamp; I am not like Shaheen,” Brown said.

On other issues, Brown said he likely would have voted for the Senate-passed reform of the Veterans Administration that also would give most New Hampshire veterans access to care from private providers because the state lacks its own full-service VA hospital.

“I think it needs to go a little further. We need to give that administrator complete authority and the hands are even tied,” Brown said.

Those running the VA must have more power to fire incompetent or unethical employees and eliminate incentives such as performance bonuses that led to falsifying records at the VA offices in Phoenix, AZ, he continued.

A 35-year National Guard veteran, Brown said the VA has the resources it needs but requires a top-to-bottom review that should include outsourcing services to private industry and streamlining veteran claims for benefits.

Brown said the gridlock in Washington exists because leaders in both parties have refused to insist on cooperation and think only short term through the latest crisis or until the next election cycle.

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