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Video: Do only certain New Hampshire veterans matter to Senator Shaheen?


This week, Senator Jeanne Shaheen held an event at the Concord City Auditorium.  It was, according to her press release, to "discuss the difference she makes for veterans" and "call for passage of the Veterans' Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act."


However, when Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's Executive Director, Matthew Murphy, a US Army veteran, tried to attend, he was met with fierce resistance from Senator Shaheen's staff. Despite being a veteran himself, he was told he was not welcome to hear her thoughts on the issue unless he was there to 'endorse' the senator.


Video of the interaction can be viewed HERE and's Kimberly Morin wrote an article on it, which can be read HERE.


Matthew Murphy, Executive Director for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, said the following after the event:


"To say I am disgusted with the way Senator Shaheen and her staff handled themselves today is an understatement. As a US Army veteran, I shouldn't have to 'endorse' my US Senator to hear how she is going to fix the scandal-ridden Veterans Administration. I don't deserve to be kicked out of an event where she is expected to discuss policies that benefit those who have served. Put simply, I, or any veteran for that matter, should be able to engage with my US Senator on any issue. However, today she made it abundantly clear that only certain New Hampshire veterans can be awarded that privilege.


"Senator Jeanne Shaheen has not hosted a single public town hall meeting in years. As evidence by her actions today, she continues to only want to listen to those who are beneficial to her own career. Granite Staters, in particular our veterans, deserve much better than that."

Limiting Free Speech: The battle over SB 120 continues
John DiStaso at the NHJournal had a great write-up this week on the status of SB 120, legislation that would limit the ability of groups like Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire from educating Granite Staters about their elected officials' records.

The article can be viewed HERE and is transcribed below: 


The word at the State House is that Gov. Maggie Hassan has no problem with Senate Bill 120 and will sign it when it reaches her desk - whenever that may be.

That's the bill that would expand reporting requirements for political action committees and advocacy groups. It's been strongly opposed by such groups, including Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, which has said it is "not just wrong, but it's unconstitutional."

The bill has been held up, along with many others, on House speaker Terie Norelli's desk. It has not yet gotten to Senate President Chuck Morse for his sign-off. After it does go to Morse, it would then go to the Secretary of State, and then to the governor.

Will the bill be challenged once it becomes law?

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire says it is "leaving all options on the table."

Spokesman Derek Dufresne said, "It is a shame that with SB 120, career politicians have attempted to limit the ability of organizations like ours from informing their constituents on how they vote in Concord or on Capitol Hill.

"Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire will continue to stand by the First Amendment and comply with the rule of law as confirmed by the United States Supreme Court. With regards to our legal efforts on SB 120, we are leaving all options on the table.

"In addition, we find it extremely puzzling that Governor Maggie Hassan has yet to sign the bill and that it has been, according to the Secretary of State, sitting with Speaker Norelli without action for over 30 days. A couple of days is a 'delay.' Over 30 days signals something else might be going on," said Dufresne.

Volunteering: Taking action for limited government!

Rather than just complaining about higher taxes, more spending, and a more intrusive government, some hard-working Granite Staters took action against it this week.


Another successful phone bank is in the books after a great Thursday evening in our Manchester office. Want to join us for a future event? Email

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