NHDP - Failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s Slide Continues

Tea Party and GOP Establishment Jumping Ship on Havenstein’s Flailing Campaign

Manchester, NH – While yet another poll showed Governor Hassan in a strong position with a 54 percent approval rating among New Hampshire voters (NBC/Marist), failed CEO Walt Havenstein's campaign continues to take on water as his recent slide continues. 
"While the Tea Party base has been in open revolt for weeks, it now looks like the GOP establishment may be giving up on Walt Havenstein too, with reports that Governor Christie and the RGA are the latest to jump ship on Havenstein’s sinking campaign," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Now that even the GOP is souring on his bumbling campaign and record of mismanagement and failed leadership as CEO of SAIC, Havenstein will now have to fully unleash his anti-middle class Koch Brothers agenda if he wants any hope of surviving his neck-and-neck primary." 
Developments this week

Last Sunday, the consensus among panelists on WMUR’s CloseUp agreed that the GOP gubernatorial primary is a dead heat.

This week, Havenstein's opponents also went on the attack over a video that recently surfaced from a lecture on leadership where Havenstein quoted extensively from President Obama's first inaugural address. 
And at a press conference on Wednesday, the Republican Governors Association (RGA) did not include New Hampshire in their list of the most competitive gubernatorial races this year. Leading WMUR to conclude, "It appears that [RGA Chairman Governor Chris Christie] basically has given up" on Havenstein (only a month after endorsing him).

Perhaps the RGA saw the same data FiveThirtyEight reported showing Havenstein's in deep trouble.