Cormier For NH Senate - Cormier to Drown Out Westboro Baptist Church

Cormier Statement on Westboro Baptist Church in NH

Families of Fallen Soldiers Have Suffered Enough

On July 5th, the infamous “Westboro Baptist Church” intends to stage a protest at the funeral of a fallen Peterborough NH soldier, Lance Cpl. Brandon Garabrant.

Candidate for NH Senate 16 Hon. Jane Cormier will use her God-given talent of voice to help drown out the negative and disrespectful message that this “church” would put upon those experiencing such an unfortunate circumstance.

"While people have the right of free speech, it is despicable that any group would want to subject the families of fallen soldiers to this kind of disrespectful display. These families have already suffered enough and should not have to endure the extreme actions and statements of groups like the Westboro Baptist Church during the time of their grief," said Cormier.

According to the WBC’s flyer (see below) this is to take place at 9:15 AM at the ConVal High School, 184 Hancock Rd, Peterborough, NH.

For more information: R. Forsythe 805.708.2665