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NHDP - Walt Havenstein Supports Far-Right Hobby Lobby Decision

Shows He Can't Be Trusted to Protect a Woman's Right to Affordable Health Care

Not Surprising Given That While He was CEO of SAIC, Men Made Up 82% of Executive Positions, 77% of SAIC Board

Concord, NH– Yesterday, Walt Havenstein came out in favor of the far-right Hobby Lobby decision and showed he can't be trusted to protect a woman's right to affordable health care. This comes just days after announcing his opposition to buffer zone measures that protect women seeking reproductive health services.
Havenstein’s support of corporations making health care decisions for women aligns with his record of failing to empower women in the workplace. During his tenure as CEO of SAIC, men filled 82% of the executive positions and made up 77% of the SAIC Board.  
“Insurance coverage and affordable access to contraception is a critically important issue for the health and economic well-being of women and families. Women's health insurance should cover what women and their doctors determine is medically necessary. Walt Havenstein is now saying that corporate titans should get to make those decisions for women, and women will be forced to pay more for basic health care as a result,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain
“Given Havenstein’s record of failing to empower women while he was CEO of SAIC and his constant waffling on a woman's right to access health care during his campaign, it's clear that Havenstein can't be trusted to fight to prevent employers from coming between a woman and her doctor," McClain said
This is not the first time Havenstein has showed he can’t be trusted on women’s health issues. After initially refusing to say where he stood on women’s health issues, Havenstein told voters he was pro-choice, while privately confiding the opposite to his Republican supporters – saying he supports restrictions on a woman’s right to make her own health decisions. 
“But it’s not just that Havenstein can’t be trusted on the issue of a woman's right to make her own health decisions, he’s also made no secret of his anti-middle class agenda that would devastate the health and economic security of Granite State families and take our state backwards,” added McClain.
Men Who Served in Executive Positions during Havenstein’s Tenure at SAIC:
·       Mark W. Sopp, Executive Vice President and CFO [SEC Form 4, filed 10/13/09]
·       Douglas E. Scott, Executive Vice President and General Counsel [SEC Form 10-k, filed 4/1/10]
·       John R. Hartley, Senior Vice President and Controller, [SEC Form 4, filed 10/6/09]
·       Joseph P. Walkush, Executive Vice President, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       Arnold L. Punaro, Executive Vice President, [SEC Form 4, filed 10/14/09]
·       Charles F. Koontz, Group President, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       Joseph W. Craver III, Group President, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       K. Stuart Shea, Group President, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       Vincent A. Maffeo, Senior VP and General Counsel, [SEC Form 4, filed 6/21/10]
·       Brian F. Keenan, Executive VP, [SEC Form 3, filed 6/25/10]
·       James E. Cuff, Executive VP, [SEC Form 3, filed 6/25/10]
·       Anthony J. Moraco, Executive VP, [SEC Form 3, filed 8/11/10]
·       Steven P. Fisher, Treasurer and Senior VP, [SEC Form 10-k, filed 3/25/11]
·       Thomas G. Baybrook, Group President, [SEC Form 3, filed 3/14/12]
Women Who Served in Executive Positions during Havenstein’s Tenure at SAIC:
·       Deborah L. James, Executive VP, [SEC Form 3, filed 8/11/10]
·       Amy E. Alving, Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP, [SEC Form 10-K, filed 3/25/11]
·       Deborah Harrell Alderson, Group President, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
Men Who Served on the SAIC Board during Havenstein’s Tenure:
·       Thomas F. Frist III, Director,  [SEC Form 4, filed 10/6/09]
·       Jere A. Drummond, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 10/7/09]
·       John J. Hamre, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 10/7/09]
·       Harry M. J. Kraemer Jr, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 10/7/09]
·       Thomas Young, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 10/7/09]
·       John P. Jumper, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       Kenneth Dahlberg, Chairman of the Board, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       Edward Sanderson, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       Louis A. Simpson, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       Lawrence C. Nussdork, Director, [SEC Form 4, 9/21/10]
Women Who Served on the SAIC Board during Havenstein’s Tenure:
·       Anita K. Jones, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
·       Miriam E. John, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 10/7/09]
·       France A. Cordova, Director, [SEC Form 4, filed 11/18/09]
 Walt Havenstein Anti-Choice Background:

Havenstein Confided To Republican Backers That He Is Pro-Life. The Union Leader reported on Havenstein’s stance on women’s issues saying, “‘It’s his first campaign mistake,’ said former Gov. Stephen Merrill, who was beside Havenstein last week at his campaign kickoff. Merrill said the candidate told him he is personally pro-life and as governor would support a ban on late-term abortions and a requirement for parental notification.” [Union Leader, 4/21/14]
Havenstein Was Unwilling To Comment On Anti-Choice Bills Before The Legislature. According to the Union Leader, Walt Havenstein’s campaign would not answer a series of questions pertaining to Havenstein’s stance on various bills being discussed in the legislature. [Union Leader, 4/21/14]

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