Shaheen For US Senate - Supreme Court decision

Jeanne Shaheen

Dear Friends,

Every woman’s right to make basic decisions about her health care is under attack AGAIN – this time because of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision that a corporation can deny women insurance coverage for birth control.

This ruling is not acceptable. A woman’s employer should never be the one to make health care decisions for her.

This decision is bad for women, bad for workers who rely on their employers for health care, and bad for anyone who believes that the rights of corporations should not come before the rights of people.

I have said repeatedly that attacks on women's health care are simply not acceptable. The best way we can fight back is to speak out together – will you join me and add your voice right now?

Stand with me today to denounce this decision. We will keep fighting for women and standing up to these attacks.

As someone who has fought for women and access to health care for decades, including working for more comprehensive health coverage for all Americans, I am deeply concerned about this decision. I know you share this concern.

It's 2014, we should simply not be having these fights anymore. This is just common sense: Health care decisions should be made between women and their doctors, not left up to employers.

That's why I will work with my colleagues in the Senate for a solution that puts women’s rights before the rights of corporations.

But I need you with me in this fight.

Will you keep standing with me as we stand up to attacks on women's health care together?

Thank you,