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Keene Sentinel: Brown Campaigns In Hancock

 By Kaitlin Mulhere, Keene Sentinel
July 21, 2014

Campaigning in the region Sunday, U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown described himself as a fiscally conservative, national security hawk who’s a problem solver and a team player.
The description was music to the ears of many of the 65 people who came to hear the Republican speak at the town library as part of an afternoon hosted by the Hancock and Peterborough Republican town committees.

Brown listed rapid-fire his problems with the current state of affairs: People are paying more at the pump and there’s no quality national energy plan. People are driving farther and waiting in longer lines to see a doctor because of the Affordable Care Act. The nation’s border isn’t secure and legislation that gives residency to certain immigrants who arrived illegally as minors is a backdoor to amnesty.

He described himself as a good learner and listener who’s open to new ideas and suggestions to bring the country forward.

Chuck and Nancy Vanhorn of Hancock said they liked what they heard from Brown about the Affordable Care Act — that he’d vote to repeal it and instead let states handle their own health care reform, much like Massachusetts did.
After the new health care law took effect, Nancy Vanhorn spent months searching for a new insurance plan this year so she could keep her doctor at Monadnock Community Hospital, she said. She found one, but is paying more for it than she did before.
Carmen DuHaime of Peterborough had never met Scott Brown before, but she’d read his book and liked his viewpoints. She liked everything he had to say Sunday, too, and she and friend Janice Ford of Hancock said they plan to vote for him in about six weeks.

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