Cormier For NH Senate(16) - Top Conservatives Gather for Jane Cormier

Cormier Urges Supporters to Get Active

On Sunday, July 20, The McManus Family of Bow hosted a “Meet and Greet” for Republican NH State Senate Candidate, Jane Cormier.  The 50 or so in attendance included Andrew Hemingway, Candidate for Governor, Marilinda Garcia, Congressional Candidate for District 2, and Candidate for US Senate, Senator Bob Smith.  Other people present included NH Senator Sam Cataldo, NH Rep. JR Hoell, House Candidate Michelle Levell, and Karen Testerman.

The attendees not only enjoyed a beautiful day and great food, but got  to speak with Jane up close and personal.  "It was a day for true Conservatives to get together and share their ideas, energy, and optimism in upcoming races this election season," said Cormier.

Cormier fired up those in attendance with a rousing speech which can be seen here in full courtesy of Granite Grok.  "If we don't start to tell the truth within our party as Republicans, we are doomed to get what we keep getting, which is people who are not going to fight for the platform," she said. She cited the gas tax as something her opponent voted for despite signing a Pledge not to vote for broad-based taxes. She also talked about his vote against Right to Work and his lack of action on educational matters.  Cormier is in a primary battle with Senator David Boutin, Senate District 16. This district includes Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett, and Wards 1, 2, and 12 of Manchester.

In addition to other notables present at the house party, Cormier had previously garnered endorsements from former US Senator Gordon Humphrey, former Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien, and other prominent conservatives.

Considered the authentic Conservative in the race, Cormier stands for small government, no new taxes, and fiscal responsibility.