Hemingway For Governor - Hemingway Launches Latest Web Video in "Solutions" Series


Hemingway Launches Latest Web Video in “Solutions” Series

Manchester, NH – Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway has released the latest in his series of web videos Solutions: Coming November 2014!

In the latest, he speaks about the philosophy of our state motto and what it should mean in the governing of our state.

You may watch the video by clicking the screen below!


“As government grows, individual and economic freedom shrinks, the two are directly correlated,” Hemingway said.  “We have seen a dramatic change in our state in the past decade and as Governor, I hope to bring New Hampshire to a place where ‘Live Free or Die’ is more than a marketing tool.  It should be our way of life.”

For more about Andrew Hemingway, visit his website at www.andrewhemingway.com.