Guinta For Congress - Another blow to ObamaCare: Shea-Porter’s Law on the Ropes

“Meaningful reform begins with people, not Washington politicians”

 Today, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia held that subsidies can be granted only to those who bought insurance in an ObamaCare exchange run by an individual state, not on the federally run exchange.

This represents a significant problem for ObamaCare because 36 states did not create their own marketplace. Should individuals begin to abandon their health care plans because they are unaffordable, premiums will skyrocket as fewer people pay into the system.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“ObamaCare is coming apart at the seams; the natural result of politicians like Carol Shea-Porter not having read the bill. Meaningful reform begins with people, not Washington politicians. This onerous, one size fits all, federal takeover of our health care system continues to cause massive disruptions of primary medical services and tremendous costs for millions of Americans. Granite Staters deserve a health care system that focuses on reducing costs, puts the individual in charge, and removes Washington from the equation. I will work to replace ObamaCare with free market reforms that do just that.”