Calls on Governor Hassan to stop all implementation she can until law is settled

Manchester, NH – Today a federal appeals court threw out a major portion of Maggie Hassan-supported Obamacare, ruling the federal government cannot grant the billions in promised subsidies to individuals on the federal exchange.  The court ruled the people of 36 states, including New Hampshire, that do not have a state exchange, cannot receive the tax credit subsidy, used to offset the high cost of its insurance.  

“It’s now time to step back and Governor Hassan should lead the charge to protect New Hampshire citizens,” said GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway.  “We have now seen 41 modifications to the law, 1200 waivers, and several court ruling against key parts of Obamacare . The fact that Governor Hassan is still supporting this disaster and doubling down with her Medicaid Expansion, is irresponsible at best, political cronyism at worst. “

The ruling means anyone who signed up on the federal exchange to receive insurance, who were promised a federal subsidy in the form of a tax credit to offset its high cost, will now have to pay 100% without the assistance promised. Medicaid Expansion, championed and signed by Maggie Hassan also depends on promised federal funds to pay for.

“We don’t know where this law is going.  With a dozen cases still pending against it, and this current gutting of it, we don’t even know if court’s will allow it to exist in a year, so why is Governor Hassan putting New Hampshire citizens at risk for both having insurance taken away, and having to foot the bill for a President that clearly is not living up to his fiscal end of the bargain,” Hemingway said.  “Governor Hassan needs to go back to the legislature and put a pause button on Medicaid Expansion and any other part of Obamacare the state can control, until we know what this will look like in another year.”