AFP - Make Harry Reid mad!


I'll wilfully admit:

We've already done quite a bit this year to upset Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

He's pretty unhappy that we've been sharing stories on the airwaves of real Americans who have been hurt by ObamaCare -- like the story of Julie Boonstra, a mother suffering from leukemia whose health care plan was cancelled because of ObamaCare.

And he's REALLY unhappy that we're actually on the ground in thousands of communities across the country fighting back against Big Government and educating people on how the left's policies are putting the American dream at risk for future generations.

But I don't think there's anything that would make Senator Harry Reid angrier than knowing that THOUSANDS of Americans for Prosperity grassroots activists are spending their Labor Day weekend learning how to defeat his Big Government agenda.


And guess what? You can be a part of this:

Make Harry Reid mad -- join us at the 2014 Defending the American Dream Summit at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas on Friday, August 29th and Saturday, August 30th.

You'll hear from elected officials, business leaders, and fellow grassroots activists who are leading the charge against Big Government.

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Use promo code JULY2014AFP to get your General Admission Ticket (includes a two-day conference pass PLUS lunch on Friday and Saturday) for just $75 -- this month only!

Can't wait to see you there,

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Senator Harry Reid HATES that Americans for Prosperity and our grassroots activists are fighting back against his Big Government policies. Join us at the 2014 Defending the American Dream Summit to learn how you can lead the charge against Big Government in your own community.