MANCHESTER This evening, Scott Brown hosted the “Veterans for Brown” coalition kick-off event at campaign headquarters.  The coalition is being co-chaired by retired Marine Corps Sergeant Major Paul Chevalier, retired Air Force Reserve Colonel Theresa Negron, and retired Navy Lieutenant Bill Grimm.
“Scott Brown understands the challenges faced by servicemembers and their families.  As our senator, I know he will work hard to make sure they are supported long after they’ve answered the call to serve,” said Chevalier.
“Washington is broken, and it is deeply troubling that our veterans and their families are paying the price for the dysfunction and red tape that constantly gets in the way.  Scott Brown has served our country and will fight to make a difference for us; we need his leadership in the Senate,” said Negron.
“Scott will work across the aisle to deliver results for the veterans community.  I’m pleased to see Scott has outlined commonsense ideas to get more veterans back to work and place a check and balance on Washington—ensuring we have access to the health care and services we need,” said Grimm.
Earlier today, the Brown campaign released a list of over 
200 veterans committed to supporting Brown’s candidacy, representing all five military branches.
“We need to put our veterans first and ensure they are treated with dignity and respect,” said Brown, a 35-year member of the Army National Guard.  “I am deeply humbled to be supported by so many brave men and women who served our country and are ready for change in Washington.” 
Since last week, Brown has been criss-crossing the state on the “Honoring Our Veterans” tour to meet with veterans and tour facilities.  Brown released a detailed policy sheet outlining ways to improve VA accountability, improve employment opportunities and streamline access to health care.  As senator, Brown authored the Hire A Hero Act to provide tax credits for businesses that hire veterans.  

Click here to read the policy paper