Innis For Congress - Guinta: NSA critics "stand with the terrorists"

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Dan Innis Responds To Frank Guinta's "Terrorist" Comments



Manchester, NH - Dan Innis, Republican candidate for NH-01, released the following statement following his WGIR debate with Frank Guinta.

"Not only are Frank Guinta's terrorism comments insulting to the millions of Americans with legitimate concerns about the Patriot Act and NSA surveillance, but they are also completely out of touch. Does Frank really think that having NSA bureaucrats snooping through our email and phone records keeps us safe from terrorists? Does he think Sen. Sununu was standing with the terrorists when he filibustered the Patriot Act to demand reform of National Security Letters? How about the 70% of Americans who think "they shouldn't have to give up privacy and freedom in order to be safe from terrorism"?

Frank Guinta is willing to say anything to get back into Congress. But today's ridiculous statements show why we need new leadership to represent New Hampshire."


7/23/14 WGIR INNIS-GUINTA Debate Transcript

Dan Innis: "I think it's important to be independent and to represent New Hampshire's point of view and you do need to break with leadership oftentimes to do that. A good example here is that Frank Guinta supported passage of the Patriot Act. I would not have supported that. I think the Patriot Act violates the 1 st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment and I would have stood up and said 'no', we need to take another look at this."

Frank Guinta: "Well let me say, you either stand with the terrorists or you stand with freedom and protecting Americans."

Then, when asked a follow up question by NH Journal's John DiStaso on whether he supports the surveillance state, Guinta ducked the question.