NHDP - Brown Dishonestly Tries to Take Credit for Shaheen's Veterans Legislation

After Refusing to Take a Position on Shaheen-Ayotte Vets Measure, Brown Lies About Shaheen’s Record of Fighting for Vets, Then Tries to Package Her Legislation As His Own  

Manchester, NH— In today’s Fosters op-ed, Scott Brown is dishonestly trying to deceive readers about Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s record on veterans, and then, after previously refusing to take a position on it, he attempts to pass off her legislation as his own. The only catch is that his version is not as helpful for veterans.
Brown’s brazen self-promotion is not new, but taking one of Senators Shaheen and Ayotte’s proposals and passing it off as his own idea—while simultaneously accusing Senator Shaheen of not having worked to help New Hampshire vets—is a new low. The Shaheen-Ayotte provision would allow veterans living more than 20 miles from a full-serve VA facility to obtain health services at certain local non-VA facilities. Brown’s version only applies to veterans living 30 miles away from a VA facility. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same.
“This is a new low for Scott Brown. First he outright refused to take a position on the Shaheen-Ayotte provision that would make it easier for veterans in New Hampshire to access quality care, and now he’s trying to pass that very legislation--only a sub-par version--off as his own,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Scott Brown is continuing his campaign of misinformation around Senator Shaheen’s veterans work, and now he’s brazenly promoting her work as his own. It’s unacceptable, and New Hampshire veterans will see through it.  They know Jeanne Shaheen is their real advocate in Washington.”