Rubens For US Senate - Rubens Campaign Releases Video Calling for End to Career Politics


The Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign released a web video today calling for an end to Washington career politics. The video shows New Hampshire voters speaking candidly about what they see wrong with Washington, DC and a general distrust of politicians.

"The footage shown is the pure, raw anger that people are feeling towards the disconnect between politicians in Washington, DC and the voters back home in New Hampshire," Rubens said. "This is the message I am hearing time and time again everywhere I go. People are fed up with politicians who go to Washington to do nothing but raise campaign cash for the next election, serve in office for eternity or to leave office to become a high-priced lobbyist."

In the video, Rubens makes three pledges to:

- Serve only two terms
- Send his pension back to the taxpayers
- See to it that all laws passed by Congress also apply to members of Congress

Rubens adds, "The voters are upset and they are demanding that this Washington career entitlement stop. I am the only one in this Senate race committed to doing that."

The video will be run as a web ad targeting Republican primary voters and can be viewed on is in addition to our radio ad that is still running across the state. All donations that come in from this e-mail will be used to keep these ads running. Please donate as much as you can, even a donation of $25 will help keep this ad going.