CAPITAL Headlines - July 25, 2014

The Boston Globe





Here are highlights from Capital today:

  • Unions gaining power in Mass.: This year, unions are savoring a number of victories in the state, including a higher minimum wage and protections for housekeepers. Michael Levenson reports.
  • Rock stars they’re not, but candidates go on tour: The political tours that dot the landscape in this campaign season give gubernatorial hopefuls and candidates a way to infuse energy into old-fashioned campaign stops and frame them as part of a more pointed story about what they hope to accomplish. Joshua Miller reports.
  • From candidates’ spouses, unusual campaign encounters: The Boston Globe asked the spouses of the candidates for governor to tell them: a bit about themselves; their role in the election; the most unexpected moment on the campaign trail; and something voters might not know about the candidates. 
  • Voters would pay for road fixes — close to home: According to a new Boston Globe poll, Massachusetts voters — particularly, conservative voters — are sensitive to whether their taxes will go toward infrastructure upgrades nearby. Martine Powers details the latest poll.