KEENE Today, former New Hampshire Congressman Charlie Bass (R-Peterborough) endorsed Scott Brown, adding to the growing list of supporters backing Brown's bid for the U.S. Senate. 
"It is time for new leadership, it is time to elect a Senator who will bring courage and independent leadership to Washington, a senator who will partner with Kelly Ayotte and her record of cutting wasteful spending, keeping our Nation strong and secure, and not a Senator whose record has been little more than a rubber stamp for this failed Administration,” said Bass.
“I am supporting Senator Scott Brown because he is the only candidate that has the ideas, the experience, the record, and the ability to win in November. Scott Brown is the person our Party needs now, and we must unify around him today,” Bass concluded.

"I’m grateful to have the support of Congressman Bass, who has been fighting for small government in our state for almost three decades," Brown said. "Charlie joins the growing list of Republicans supporting my campaign who want a change in direction in Washington. Republicans of all stripes know that if we stand together we can defeat Senator Shaheen in November and put our country back on the right path.”

Congressman Bass served seven terms in Washington representing New Hampshire's Second Congressional District, and also served in the New Hampshire General Court and State Senate.