NHDP - How Could Walt Havenstein Support the Priorities of a Region He Can't Even Find on a Map?

First Havenstein Opposed a Critical Economic Driver for the North Country, Then Proved He Doesn’t Even Know Where the North Country is Located
 Manchester, NH—This week, failed CEO and recent Maryland resident Walt Havenstein proved that he’s clueless about the priorities of the North Country, as he not only opposed a critical economic driver for the region but also demonstrated that he doesn’t even know where the North Country is located.
“The reason the New Hampshire constitution has a seven-year residency requirement to run for Governor is so that candidates are familiarwith the constituents they wish to serve,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley. “Walt Havenstein’s complete ignorance about the priorities of the North Country, which he can’t even find on a map, reinforces what we already knew: Havenstein is painfully out-of-touch with the priorities of hard-working Granite Staters.”
In footage released by the NHDP, Walt Havenstein opposed biomass plants like the new Burgess BioPower plant in Berlin, which is already producing economic benefits for the North Country. Havenstein said biomass plants are “not economically viable,” before admitting that as the failed CEO of SAIC, he used $80 million in taxpayer dollars to build two biomass plants.
Days later, Havenstein visited Meredith, Bristol, Wentworth, Benton and Plymouth, touting the trip as a swing through the North Country. The only problem, as North Country State Senator Jeff Woodburn pointed out, is that Havenstein wasn’t in the North Country.

"The North Country is north of the notches," said State Senator Woodburn. "It is has a distinctly different culture, history, economy, landscape and climate.  It is vitally important for our elected officials to understand our region and our people." 
Woodburn added that in the North Country, “Governor Hassan's more popular than maple syrup. In part, because she knows where we are and comes here often."