NHDP - Scott Brown Spends Week Hiding and Misrepresenting His Record to NH Voters

Manchester, NH—Scott Brown spent his week misrepresenting, exaggerating, and hiding his positions on issues as important as an increase in the minimum wage, veterans’ legislation, and access to quality, affordable health care for New Hampshire families.
“Scott Brown took credit for Senator Shaheen’s veterans legislation after previously refusing to take a position on it. He tried to make excuses for his opposition to an increase in the minimum wage. And he dishonestly bemoaned a court decision that was contradicted in a different court decision just an hour later,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “It’s incredible what Scott Brown will do and say to promote Scott Brown and hide from tough questions. If this is what New Hampshire can expect from a candidate for the United States Senate, then families across the state are in trouble.”
Scott Brown Takes Credit for Provision Shaheen Championed—Only a Less Helpful Version of It
Senators Shaheen and Ayotte have been championing legislation that would allow veterans living more than 20 miles from a full-serve VA facility to obtain health services at certain local non-VA facilities. But this week, in a Fosters op-ed, Scott Brown dishonestly tried to deceive readers by passing off that provision as his own idea, after previously refusing to take a position. The only catch is that his version is not as helpful for veterans. Brown’s version only applies to veterans living 30 miles away from a VA facility. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same.
Scott Brown Makes Excuses For His Opposition to An Increase in The Minimum Wage
On the 5th anniversary of the last increase in the minimum wage, Scott Brown could only offer New Hampshire workers more excuses for his opposition to increasing the minimum wage. While on Fox News, Brown said he opposed increasing the minimum wage until we “bring business leaders to the table.” But business leaders in New Hampshire and across the country have already called for increasing in the minimum wage. If Brown has his way, families that depend on the minimum wage will continue to struggle—and that’s another reason Scott Brown is wrong for New Hampshire.
Scott Brown Issues Dishonest Statement on D.C. Court Health Care Decision 
Scott Brown responded quickly and dishonestly to the Halbig decision made in the D.C. Circuit Court with a formal statement and through social media. He claimed the decision was a "devastating blow to Obamacare" in an attempt to scare New Hampshire voters into believing that their premiums would immediately go up. What he failed to acknowledge, however, was that a Fourth Circuit court decision, came down just an hour later, taking the opposing stance. And two other courts also upheld the state subsidies that the Fourth Circuit did. Brown's fear-mongering was dishonest and misrepresented the effect of this court decision. Plus, if Brown had hisway, he'd repeal Obamacare entirely.
Brown Campaign Takes Heat For Authoring Ridiculous Memo That Presumes Its Readers are “Idiots”
Noted political commentator Stuart Rothenberg penned a piece in Roll Call slamming Scott Brown’s campaign for writing a “Pathway to Success” memo that presumes “the readers of this memo are idiots,” by drawing false equivalencies and underestimating Senator Shaheen’s popularity. It’s a blistering critique and is worth a thorough read.
NHDP Releases List of 7 Places Scott Brown Could Have Hidden (Other Than A Bathroom) To Avoid Hobby Lobby Questions
We have a few thoughts on where Scott Brown can hide next time he takes a position that endangers the ability for women to make their own health care choices without consulting their employers.