Rubens For US Senate - Jim Rubens on Immigration, Career Politicians

This week featured a tour of Laconia, including a town hall meeting with local citizens and press. The Laconia Citizen and Laconia Daily Sun covered the event.

The Laconia Daily Sun remarked: "Rubens repeatedly hearkened to the "very serious problems" facing the country and echoed the apocalyptic vision common amongst more populist Republicans. He referred to the "constitutional meltdown" and the "economy gone haywire" and warned against the overreach of the federal government reflected by the introduction of Obamacare and machinations of the Federal Reserve System."

Jim Rubens also weighed in on the immigration crisis this week, releasing his immigration reform policy The Concord Monitor covered Jim Rubens' stance in a comprehensive piece this week. You can read the full plan by clicking here. As your US Senator, Jim Rubens will apply the pressure necessary to secure the border and enforce our laws.

Finally, the campaign released a web video calling for an end to Washington career politics. The video shows New Hampshire voters speaking candidly about what they see wrong with Washington, DC and a general distrust of politicians.

In the video, Rubens makes three pledges to:

- Serve only two terms
- Send his pension back to the taxpayers
- See to it that all laws passed by Congress also apply to members of Congress

The video will be run as a web ad targeting Republican primary voters and can be viewed on This is in addition to our radio ad that is still running across the state. All donations that come in from this e-mail will be used to keep these ads running. Please donate as much as you can, even a donation of $25 will help keep this ad going.