Cormier For NH Senate - Cormier Reacts to Boutin Mailer

Questions "Taxfighter" Claim

Hooksett, NH — Incumbent Senator David Boutin's latest election piece, mailed to constituents in Bow, Candia, Dunbarton, Hooksett, Manchester Wards 1,2 & 12, told of how “hard” he works as a "taxfighter".

Candidate Jane Cormier questions some of his claims, asking how voting for a 23% increase in the gas tax equals "no NEW taxes''?  How voting for adopting expanded Medicaid is the equivalent of "stopping Obamacare"? In addition, Boutin calls himself a defender of the second amendment. How does voting to defeat constitutional carry translate to being a "strong supporter of second amendment rights"?

While Candidate Jane Cormier is asking these and other questions, she knows the answers. She said, "I know David Boutin voted to raise the gas tax hurting every NH citizen and business.  David Boutin voted to expand Medicaid, the centerpiece of ObamaCare, and that NH taxpayers will get to pick up the +$200 million tab. David Boutin voted to kill a bill giving the legislature the right to stop the federal intrusion of Common Core in NH, blatantly ignoring the concerns of parents and taxpayers. David Boutin voted against Constitutional Carry, which is hardly defending 2nd amendment rights. His most recent GO-NH score was a C, and the NH Firearms Coalition even called him a "promise breaker" in their last report card."

She continued, "I know the answers to these questions and I believe the voters should know, as well.  Wishing something is true doesn’t make it so. Constituents deserve better."