NHDP - Marilinda Garcia Would Make NH Women Second Class Citizens

Opposed to Choice, Affordable Health Services, Equal Pay and Contraceptive Coverage
Concord, NH--This week, Marilinda Garcia proclaimed that she was "thrilled" with the far-right conservative wing of the US Supreme Court's decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, which takes health care decisions away from women, and puts them in the hands of their employers. But as far as Garcia is concerned, this should just be the beginning. She wants to eliminate all choice, as well as equal pay protections, and--of course--all contraceptive coverage. 
“Marilinda Garcia would put women in New Hampshire in danger of moving backward to a time when they were treated as second-class citizens. Her extreme far-right positions put women's rights in danger, and would negatively impact all New Hampshire families,” explained New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “She has voted to completely defund Planned Parenthood, which provides critical health services to thousands of New Hampshire women, to deny women choice when it comes to their personal health decisions, and now she is aligning herself with Judges Alito and Scalia, who believe a woman should have to consult her boss when it comes to contraceptives. Women and families across the state are appalled--and they should be."
In addition to her wildly out of touch views on women’s health issues Garcia also opposes Equal Pay and Paycheck Fairness legislation, the Violence Against Women Act, and has voted against raising the minimum wage, which would largely benefit female workers. When asked her position on Paycheck Fairness legislation Garcia said, “if it is true that women do earn less than men, that could be the case--but in general I don’t support things that basically, allow for a more litigious society than we already have and I think this puts the employer at a disadvantage.”

“Marilinda Garcia has a disturbing inclination to side against progress for women at every turn. Come November, New Hampshire women, young people, and working families won't be able to run from her fast enough.  Because she would see every major victory in women’s protections in the workplace and access to health care rolled back,” finished McClain.