NHDP - NH and Mass. Dem Chairs: Brown and Romney Are Wrong for NH, Side With Wall Street, Big Oil

Day After Hobby Lobby Decision, Two Enemies of Women's Health Choices From Massachusetts Join Forces in NH
Concord, NH--Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Tom McGee and New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley yesterday compared the similar records of two failed Massachusetts politicians — Scott Brown and Mitt Romney— who are now trying to tell Granite Staters what they need.
"I served with Mitt Romney and Scott Brown, and I can tell you--they are more interested in promoting themselves and corporate special interests than fighting for middle class families," said Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman Thomas McGee, who joined Buckley on a conference call today. "When you get down to it, Scott Brown and Mitt Romney are really just both a couple of failed Massachusetts politicians who own summer homes in New Hampshire, and stand with Wall Street and Big Oil at the expense of working families."
"Scott Brown’s record is clear: he sides with Big Oil, Wall Street, and the corporate special interests who pay for his campaigns. Now, they’re trying to buy him New Hampshire’s Senate seat," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. "Now, Scott Brown is bringing in his Massachusetts buddy, Mitt Romney to vouch for him. Well, Scott, we have news for you: Mitt Romney has no credibility in New Hampshire either. We haven’t forgotten his '47%' comments. And we know that he has never been working for the middle class families that are the backbone of our state."
“Scott Brown and Mitt Romney share more than a summer address and friends on Wall Street, they both supported the Blunt amendment, which would allow restrictions even more extreme than those the Supreme Court allowed in yesterday's Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision. Women in the Granite State cannot trust Scott Brown to protect their interests," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain.