Rubens For US Senate - Rubens Statement on Shaheen Gas Tax Increase

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Jim Rubens issued the following statement on Jeanne Shaheen's visit to Hampton today calling for nearly doubling the federal gas tax just one day after New Hampshire raised its gas tax by 23%: 

"This tax will hurt the working poor and North Country more than anyone else.  If tax rates are to be changed, the purpose must be to grow good-paying domestic jobs, to make the federal and personal tax code simpler, fairer, and flatter, and there must be no net tax increases.  Unfortunately, Jeanne Shaheen’s remedy for all problems is spending and tax increases. As a lifetime career politician, she has fallen out of touch with New Hampshire taxpayers whose household budgets are already stretched and who cannot tolerate more tax increases.  Memo to Jeanne Shaheen: The American taxpayer ATM is out of cash."


Jim Rubens signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge on November 7, 2013 to protect New Hampshire families from any net tax increases.