ALG's Daily Grind - The IRS attacked pro-Israel groups




July 30, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted. 

The IRS attacked pro-Israel groups
Long before the 2010 Citizens United, the IRS was already targeting in 2009 the tax-exempt applications of groups that were pro-Israel. 

'A dangerous expansion of Kelo'
Irvington, N.J. and Richmond, Calif. want to force banks to write down the principal owed on your house. But why would a bank ever make mortgages in those cities ever again?

2007: A great year for growing bad legislation like the ethanol mandate
"It may have been Bush who planted the ethanol mandate, but it is the Obama administration that is fertilizing it and keeping it alive, when it should be yanked out by its roots."

Jindal and Walker: What's Obama's problem with school choice?
"Why would the federal Department of Justice cite the Civil Rights Act and the specter of segregation to try and block a school choice program where more than nine in 10 participants come from racial minority groups?" Good question.