Guinta For Congress - Call your Congresswoman!

With Legislation Piling up, where does Congresswoman Shea-Porter Stand?

Congress is set to recess this week for the entire month of August, yet significant issues remain that Congress either does not have the will or wherewithal to address.

As the Congresswoman prepares to go into hibernation for August we were hopeful she could let her constituents know where she stands on some of the hot button issues of the day.

  • Will the Congresswoman hold any town halls during the recess?
  • Will the Congresswoman demand the House, Senate and President reach an agreement to seal the border before recess?
  • Millions remain unemployed, underemployed and/or structurally unemployed. Will the Congresswoman propose, introduce, demand or request any form of legislation to put America back to work?
  • As a follow-up, will she hold a job fair for Granite Staters?
  • Will the Congresswoman press House leadership to pass an appropriations bill to avoid a government shutdown this fall?
  • Given the Congresswoman’s position on the Armed Services Committee, will she propose a plan to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian crisis? Or the Ukrainian-Russian emergency for that matter?

Jay Ruais, Guinta Campaign Manager, released the following statement:

“When I served on Frank’s legislative staff saying, “I don’t know” was not an option when speaking with Granite Staters. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, you came first. Given the lack of representation this District has been suffering through, coupled with the multitude of issues facing the United States, we would like to offer you our contact information. If we can be of any service to you, in lieu of the current representative, please feel free to call my cell phone 603.475.0332 or our office number 603.782.8257. Have a great week!”