Guinta For Congress - Carol Shea-Porter Blows out the Candles on Medicare


Shea-Porter's Cuts to Medicare Devastate NH Seniors

Forty-nine years ago today, Medicare was signed into law. Along with Social Security and Medicaid, this trio of programs provide an important safety net for millions of Americans.

But now, the future of Medicare is at risk. As the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office noted in 2012, ObamaCare cut more than $700 billion from Medicare, resulting in significant changes to services.

Now, a new study released shows that New Hampshire seniors will realize significant cuts this year to their Medicare Advantage.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

"New Hampshire seniors will see their Medicare Advantage cut by $2,190.40 on average as ObamaCare continues to be implemented. Congresswoman Shea-Porter has fought every attempt to to fix the myriad of problems ObamaCare brings to bear on Granite Staters, and no group is impacted more than our seniors. This legislation needs to be replaced so that seniors can rest comfortably knowing that the programs upon which they rely will continue to be there for them."