Walt Havenstein finds these pledges “puffery” --remember?

Manchester, NH –NH Republican Primary Candidate Andrew Hemingway proudly stood before former Governor Meldrim Thomson’s family, lawmakers and candidates at an American’s for Prosperity (AFP) event today, to speak and sign a pledge to uphold certain principals.  The 2014 AFP-NH Pledge lists five principals that candidates are asked to support and every state office-seeker registered with the Secretary of State’s Office was invited to sign the pledge and appear at the event. 

Governor Thomson’s son, Tom Thomson, presented the pledge to the crowd and noted his father’s work to promote such promises to maintain the NH Advantage.

Missing from the event?  Republican primary opponent Walt Havenstein, who previously referred to Governor Thomson’s no sales/income tax pledge as “puffery.” See the video of Walt Havenstein’s “puffery” remark HERE!

“Maybe my opponent finds these core principals ‘puffery,’ or maybe he feels he had something better to do, but with no candidate and no representative from his campaign present it tells me these promises aren’t a priority for Mr. Havenstein,” Hemingway said.

While Governor Hassan was also invited, she too was not in attendance.

“Clearly Governor Hassan wouldn’t have shown, there isn’t one tenet in the pledge she agrees with.  Governor Hassan’s team spent the past several days attacking me for agreeing to cut taxes, oppose Obamacare, reduce Government and uphold the Constitution,” said Hemingway. “If these are the things she is opposed to, I think the people will weigh-in strongly in November.”

In signing the 2014 AFP-NH Pledge, candidates vow, if elected, to:

1) Cut Taxes and Fees and Oppose any Tax Increase

2) Cut Spending and the Size of Government

3) Pass a Right to Work law in New Hampshire

4) Oppose all forms of Obamacare in New Hampshire, including Medicaid expansion

5) Uphold both the New Hampshire and United States Constitution