NHDP - Report: Walt Havenstein Had No Problem Profiting off the ACA as SAIC Secured Huge Contracts to Implement Health Care Reform

BUT Now He's Pledging to Take Away Health Coverage from 50,000 Granite Staters to Try to Save His Sinking Campaign

Manchester, NH – A report by the Huffington Post today outlined that while Walt Havenstein was CEO of SAIC, he “helped the tech giant receive millions of dollars in contracts from the federal government to implement parts of Obama's health care law.” This revelation comes the same week that Havenstein signed the Koch Brothers' pledge to take away health coverage from 50,000 Granite Staters.
As the Huffington Post reports, "SAIC was paid $2.4 million in 2011 by the Program Management Office set up under the Internal Revenue Service to implement the law, according to a Government Accountability Office report. In 2013, another GAO report showed SAIC received $2.7 million, this time from the Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund, also administered by the IRS."
"Apparently Walt was fine using the Affordable Care Act to boost SAIC's sagging profits as CEO, but wants to deny the benefits of the ACA for 50,000 hard-working Granite Staters,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Bryan Lesswing. "Once again, Walt Havenstein has shown that he is more concerned about looking out for himself than looking out for the priorities of the people of New Hampshire.”

The Huffington Post also notes, “Havenstein spoke on a 2011 earnings call of helping SAIC 'capitalize on new opportunities as federal and commercial health markets converge.'"
The latest revelations about failed CEO Walt Havenstein’s tenure at SAIC come as he battles conservative activist Andrew Hemingway for the Republican nomination, and Governor Christie and the RGA receive renewed criticism for interfering in a contested primary.
“As Walt Havenstein pledges his allegiance to the Koch Brothers in a desperate attempt to appeal to his far-right Tea Party base, he will soon see that Granite Staters will stand up again and reject his Bill O’Brien/Koch Brotehrs agenda just like they did in 2012,” added Lesswing.