NHDP - With Brown Flailing, Resorts to Attacking Bipartisan Immigration Reform Backed by Senator Kelly Ayotte

Manchester, NH— With Scott Brown struggling, both his campaign and State Republican Committee are launching another desperate and dishonest attack.  But this one isn't just aimed at New Hampshire's Jeanne Shaheen--they are bashing the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill, backed by Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte too.

NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn hosted Texas Governor Rick Perry on a conference call, on which the two blasted the legislation backed by Ayotte and Shaheen.  Also today, Scott Brown's campaign doubled down on dishonest attacks on comprehensive immigration reform bill Ayotte and Shaheen supported.
“Scott Brown is more interested in dishonest attacks than working to solve the challenges facing people in New Hampshire and across the country," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Both he and NHGOP are flailing so wildly they're even hitting their own--Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte.  These misleading smears on Senator Shaheen’s support for bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform are dishonest and embarrassing."
In June of last year, Senator Ayotte told the Union Leader that the final comprehensive immigration reform package “is a bipartisan solution” and that she “looked forward to supporting it.”  At the time, three former NHGOP Chair's touted Ayotte's support of the bill and urged their fellow New Hampshire Republicans to follow her lead.
FACT: Shaheen voted for Corker-Hoeven "border surge" amendment to comprehensive immigration reform that would double the number of border patrol agents along the U.S. Mexico border, invest $3 billion into new technology, and complete 700 miles of border fencing.
FACT: Kelly Ayotte stood with the President on comprehensive immigration reform when she announced she would support it, "heaving the legislation past the 60-vote threshold that shields it from a GOP filibuster "
FACT: Jeanne Shaheen voted for comprehensive immigration reform, which heavily invests in border security, including deploying 38,405 full-time Border Patrol agents, mandating an electronic exit system at all ports, constructing at least 700 miles of fencing, increasing mobile surveillance, and providing additional training to border officers.
FACT: Kelly Ayotte stood with President Obama in supporting comprehensive immigration reform that included a version of the DREAM Act, which is similar to the President's deferred action plan.