NHDP - NEW WEB VIDEO: Walt Havenstein Won’t Get Away With Ducking Responsibility

Even BLC Majority's Written Decision Calls Havenstein's "Sworn Statements" that Maryland Property was his Principal Residence "Troubling"  
Concord, NH– Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party released a new web video that tells a familiar story of Walt Havenstein trying to duck responsibility and have it both ways in order to eke out a decision at the Ballot Law Commission hearing this week.

“Havenstein may have narrowly survived a Ballot Law Commission hearing this week, but he won’t get off so easily when he faces Granite Staters who won’t accept ‘I never gave it much thought’ or  ‘It’s whatever Turbo Tax cranked out’ as excuses for not playing by the rules," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain.

“Walt Havenstein has a lot of explaining to do from his failed strategy as CEO that cost SAIC millions of dollars and thousands of jobs, to his Koch Brothers agenda that would devastate our middle class, and voters are going to hold him accountable for his actions despite his tortured excuses,” said McClain.

Even the Ballot Law Commission majority's written decision admitted, "The sworn statements of Mr. Havenstein that the property he was acquiring in Maryland was his 'principal residence,' is troubling. His obtaining a license, registering a car, and other factors could lead to the conclusion that he in fact abandoned his New Hampshire domicile, viewed himself as an 'inhabitant' of Maryland, and interrupted the required seven year period to run for Governor, regardless of his stated intent."

You can view the full web video here.

You can view the full Ballot Law Commission written decision here.