Rubens For US Senate - Grassroots for Liberty House Party

Jim Rubens candidacy for U.S. Senate is vital to the future of our country. Please come join Jim and me at my home at 849 Main Street, Contoocook and hear him speak, meet him in person and ask him questions you want answers to.

Here is why I support Jim Rubens in this race:

- NSA powers are far overreaching and Jim is committed to restraining this growing branch of government.
- Jim is a huge supporter of education freedom and has the record to back it up.
- Unconstitutionally declared war must end and Jim is committed to making sure we don't repeat foreign policy missteps.
- Rubens has a strong history of protecting 2nd amendment rights and is the best candidate to take on Scott Brown and Shaheen.

Please join this event, invite others and I hope to see you July 8th. To RSVP please reply to this email or click here.

Ron Noyes