Rubens For US Senate - Union Leader Profiles Jim Rubens

 This past Sunday, the Union Leader wrote a front page feature profiling Jim Rubens, Republican candidate for US Senate. An excerpt is below.

U.S. Senate candidate Rubens: Focus on 3 key issues

New Hampshire Union Leader

In his quest for the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, former state Sen. Jim Rubens keeps two checklists in mind - the three most important issues driving his campaign and the three reasons he believes he's best suited to address them.

The issues are the economy and jobs, the nation's deficit and debt, and protecting privacy in an age of intrusive government.

Why does he think he's the best person to address all three? "One of the reasons is I can remember them," he said during a visit to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

"I'm a thoughtful person and these problems are really tough problems. We are going to need a thoughtful statesman to deal with this...(The full text of the piece can be read by clicking here.)