YRNF - 4th of July Message

Dear YRs,

On behalf of the Young Republican National Federation I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.  Today we celebrate the birth of our great country where our founding fathers risked everything to expel the tyranny of the British crown.  The Declaration of Independence set forth God given principles for man that no government can arbitrarily remove. 

Today the United States stands as a beacon for freedom and liberty around the world that is getting more dangerous every day.  A United States that lacks the will to lead will only invite our modern day tyrants fill that vacuum.

At home we see that the liberties that we enjoy are under constant assault by those who want to impose their world view on others.  We need to remain constantly vigilant in making sure that these forces do not succeed and work to elect those who will protect our God given rights that were so perfectly articulated in Philadelphia in 1776.

Jason Weingartner
Chairman, Young Republican National Federation