NHDP - Telegraph Editorial: When failing is a badge of honor

Telegraph Editorial: When failing is a badge of honor


A House member who received an “F” from AFP was labeled an “opponent of prosperity.”
Some would call it a badge of honor.
they do the state a disservice when they champion the politics of division by attempting to couch themselves as knights of prosperity holding off legislative dragons who would bankrupt the state by casting reckless votes for better roads and schools, improved mental health services and health care for the poor, to name a few.
The real offense committed by AFP’s dragons is in not being a slave to narrow-minded dogma.
The implication that those not aligned with AFP-NH and the tea party somehow care less about the prosperity of New Hampshire is an affront to the state’s history of public servants whose preference for keeping taxes low was established well before AFP was even a glint in the eyes of the billionaire brothers Koch.
Our public servants have long valued low taxes, but also good roads, the environment and the well-being of the state’s people. Because they’ve also understood that a slave to even the best ideology is still, in the end, just a slave.