CEI Today: Ex-Im corporate welfare, "conservative" carbon tax, and an imminent Obamacare ruling

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
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Rare: Why Ronald Reagan would kill the Export-Import Bank

The Export-Import Bank, or Ex-Im for short, has become a contentious issue is because Congress has to reauthorize it every few years, or else it ceases to exist. The next reauthorization deadline is September 30, and the House and Senate could hold votes as soon as this week.

This is the best opportunity corporate welfare opponents have had to actually end a program in years, so they are making a full-court press to close the 80-year old Bank
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Globalwarming.org: Tthe ‘Conservative’ Case for a Carbon Tax

Most ‘conservative’ carbon-taxers claim they want a tax that is ‘revenue neutral’ (offsets other taxes dollar-for-dollar) and replaces EPA greenhouse gas regulations, federal fuel-economy standards, state renewable energy mandates, etc. But Washington’s big spenders have no interest in tax ‘reform’ that does not ‘enhance’ revenues, and Big Green has no desire to trade away its capture of regulatory agencies — especially not for a tax that couldn’t be used to fund green-energy programs. A revenue-neutral, regulation-dismantling carbon tax is a pipe dream. > Read more

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Obama Awaits Another Court Ruling That Could Deal Blow To Obamacare

"President Barack Obama’s healthcare law could be dealt a severe blow this week" in a U.S. Circuit Court ruling in Halbig vs. Burwell, reports McClatchy-Tribune. The lawsuit was instigated by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.
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