NHDP - ICYMI: WMUR Granite State Poll Shows Governor Hassan with 60% Approval

Key Points: 

  • 60% of Granite Staters say they approve of the job Hassan is doing as Governor (+38)
  • 69% of New Hampshire adults feel the state is heading in the right direction - including 62% of Independents
  • Head-to-head, Governor Hassan is up 54/28 over Hemingway
  • Against Havenstein, Governor Hassan is up 55/29 head-to-head
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WMUR: Poll numbers indicate big lead for Hassan over GOP challengers
MANCHESTER, N.H. —A new WMUR Granite State Poll indicates incumbent Gov. Maggie Hassan has a big lead over her Republican challengers.
The numbers show Hassan has a 60 percent approval rating four months before the general election, making her a heavy favorite for re-election.
"So far the governor’s race isn’t that interesting, largely because Maggie Hassan is seen as a pretty popular governor and there's not much call among the voters to replace her,” said Andy Smith of the UNH Survey Center.
Head-to-head against her likely Republican opponents, Hassan has huge leads. She’s up 55-29 against Walt Havenstein and has a 27-point lead against Andrew Hemingway.
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