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New Hampshire Council of Churches
Summer 2014
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in in NYC September 20

Momentum is building for the People's Climate March. Earlier this month, more than 500 people came together in new York City to make plans for how to turn this into a turning point in the fight against climate change.


Folks gathered in organizing hubs -- representing labor, faith, student, immigrant, women's, LGBTQ and many more communities -- to talk about how to bring their people out to the march in September.


There is an online platform to let everyone everywhere join groups like these to work on outreach, projects and actions related to the march with whoever you want -- from people who share your background, or who work on similar issues.


There are already dozens of hub groups live: click here to check out the hub pages and see how you can help out in your community or on an issue you care about.  


A quick way to help with the goal of getting lots of people to New York in September is to share the march on Facebook and tell your friends why you're marching. Everyone who is planning to come in September has their own personal reason for making the journey -- and sharing yours is the best way to get your friends and family to join you.


Together we can make this march into an example of the ambition we want our leaders to bring to confronting the climate crisis. That means aiming high (very high) for September 21, but also taking that energy back home and into the many fights already underway. Hopefully these tools can make that happen -- with your help, of course.


For more information, visit nhchurches.org



New Hampshire Conference of the United Church of Christ  - Spirituality and Earth Stewardship Working Group- announces a choice of two different dates for an important, engaging and highly useful workshop on energy-saving techniques for your church.  If you would like to find ways to green your building, learn effective, lost cost methods to save energy and money, as well as be better stewards of God's good earth, then you will not want to miss one of these upcoming opportunities.  Individuals, congregational teams or ecumenical partners are all invited and encouraged to participate.



          Nov. 1,   2014 at South Church, Concord, NH

          Nov. 15, 2014 at Plymouth Congregational Church, 

                                         Plymouth, NH


             Presenters will be from the Massachusetts
Interfaith Power & Light


Schedule -- both sessions 

8:30-9:00   Sign in

9:00-12:30 Program

12:30-1:00  Optional Networking Lunch


Attend this informational, hands-on workshop by MA IPL to gain the tools and knowledge to evaluate essential areas of energy use and costs in your House of Worship.


  • Electricity-how to recognize the major energy hogs-and what to do about them.
  • Heat and air conditioning-is it time for an upgrade?
  • Building Envelope-what tasks can make your congregation more comfortable and save you money?
  • Behavior-how simple actions can reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint by 10% or more.
  • $-means and methods to get the funds to take action on key systems, now and in the future.


Registration Fee: $10/attendee

Details for Registration through the NHCUCC Conference Center will be announced in September..

Co-sponsors: NHCUCC, NH Episcopal Diocese, NH Council of Churches. More information to follow! For more on MA IPL, click here. 


Gathering of State Councils of  

Churches Leadership




On June 16, The Massachusetts Council of Churches hosted executive colleagues from other state councils of churches in the region. From the left, Don Anderson from the Rhode Island State Council of Churches, Paula Gravelle from New York State Council of Churches, Clare Chapman, from the New Hampshire Council of Churches and Laura Everett from the Massachusetts Council of Churches. Here's to sharing our best ideas across state borders!  (Courtesy--MA Council of Churches) 

Bob Kay

Board Member News Update:


New Hampshire Council of Churches board vice president, Bob Kay, spoke at a New Hampshire Citizens hearing on climate change on Monday, July 28.  


On June 2, 2014 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the Clean Power Plan, an innovative and flexible approach to meeting the challenges of climate change by encouraging the  development of alternative forms of energy while protecting our public health and the environment.


The Clean Power Plan cuts carbon pollution - power plants account for roughly one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions. The Clean Power Plan will help cut carbon pollution from the power sector by 30% below 2005 levels.


Our future is at stake - New Hampshire is experiencing the impacts of climate change.


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