NHDP - VIDEO: Phony Backdrop, Phony Candidate, Brown Called Out for Saying He Was in NH When He Was Actually in TV Studio

If Brown Didn’t Film in Stratham, Then Where Did He Film His Ad?
Manchester, NH — Where has Scott Brown really been filming his phony ads?  That is what people are asking after the Massachusetts transplant was caught pretending to be at a New Hampshire farm in his television ad when he was really in a TV studio.  

Even worse, when first questioned about the location, Brown told the Nashua Telegraph he filmed “on the grounds of former New Hampshire House Speaker Doug Scamman’s farm in Stratham.” But as Buzzfeed reported earlier this week, and MSNBC highlighted last night, Brown was actually standing in front a green screen and using stock footage to try and fool people into thinking he was in a New Hampshire lob cabin.

"So where exactly did Scott Brown film then? Where is the studio that he was so desperate to keep it secret from the people of New Hampshire?" asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain

"Scott Brown wants New Hampshire to think he's just one of the local folks. According to a report he chose a local venue for a different commercial using one of the log cabin-looking outbuildings in Stratham," said Ed Shultz, host of MSNBC's The Ed Show.  "Buzzfeed pointed out Scott Brown likely wasn't in a local venue for his latest commercial.  His local venue looks remarkably like a stock photo.  Scott Brown wants to represent the people of New Hampshire but he can't even bother to show up."

“Phony candidate, phony backdrop. Scott Brown isn’t for New Hampshire any more than he was in a New Hampshire log cabin when he filmed that ad,” said McClain. “Scott Brown is for Scott Brown and Big Oil companies who fund his campaign and want him back in Washington voting for them, not New Hampshire." 
Watch the clip from The Ed Show here: