Rubens For US Senate - Game Changer: Millions To Be Spent To Elect Rubens


It is no secret that the Washington establishment has made its pick in this race for US Senate. For the past year, the establishment has pushed and the media has parroted the line that there is only one candidate with the financial resources to defeat Jeanne Shaheen.

The establishment has told us that integrity, thoughtfulness, and leadership on solutions to the nation's pressing challenges don't matter, and that only money matters in this election.

Their argument collapsed on Tuesday, when the MayDay SuperPAC endorsed my candidacy, pledging $4 million to support two candidates, one Congressional candidate in Iowa and Jim Rubens for US Senate in New Hampshire. This is the second SuperPAC now supporting my candidacy.

While I have no communication or coordination with either SuperPAC, there is no denying that this is a game changer. Both SuperPACs are using their combined millions in financial resources to help elect me and to defeat the establishment candidate.

Now that it is clear that there are two candidates in this race with sufficient financial resources, we can focus the conversation on solutions and on the character, track record and abilities of the candidates.

And that's how I have run my entire campaign, offering bold solutions and my experience solving tough problems. I still believe that New Hampshire primary voters, when they pull the curtain in the voting booth, will select the candidate that best represents New Hampshire values, has a history of getting things done in this state, and offers up bold solutions to the critical problems facing our country.

Voters of every political stripe have told me that they are fed up with career politicians who go to Washington and become consumed with one purpose: getting reelected by collecting campaign cash from special interests ... and forgetting about the people they represent.

During my entire campaign, I have taken positions free from the corrupting influence of special interest campaign money. Support from the MayDay SuperPAC allows me to continue to do this ... and to win.

Now is the perfect time for you to get involved with my campaign. An astounding 69 percent of New Hampshire voters have not yet made up their minds in this US Senate race. Already, voters overwhelmingly agree that I am the candidate with the best ideas, character, and record of moving positive conservative solutions over the finish line.

Can you spare an hour to make phone calls at campaign headquarters? Can you knock on doors with us this weekend? Can you participate in a sign wave? Do you have a good sign location or want to host an event? Please reply to this e-mail or go here.

We are in position to win, but I need your help. You play a critical role in this campaign to bring bold solutions to Washington. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you out on the campaign trail.


Jim Rubens

P.S. Primary day is only 40 days away. If you have been thinking about helping out the campaign, I am asking for your help right now. Please click here today to offer up your help. Thank you.