ALG's Daily Grind - Harry Reid's lame duck strategy on the budget


August 11, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Harry Reid's lame duck strategy on the budget
Floor votes on appropriations mean amendments and riders that turn into tough and potentially, politically embarrassing votes for Senate Democrats. Therefore, rather than govern, Reid refuses to bring any spending bills to the floor under normal order. Better to put off the budget until after the elections.

Walsh out: Republicans poised to pick up Montana
Just a few months back, D.C. Democrats were feeling proud of themselves as they orchestrated the appointment of John Walsh, who was supposed to be able to run as a western populist without any baggage related to Obama's highly unpopular policies. Whoops.

Taylor: Global warming pause puts 'crisis' in perspective|
"[W]hether the global temperature pause continues or not, temperatures have risen much more slowly than United Nations computer model predictions."