Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI: NH Journal: Lambert still a member of infrastructure investment advocacy group led by Bloomberg, Rendell


In case you missed it, the New Hampshire Journal’s John Distaso recently reported that Gary Lambert is listed as a member of Building America’s Future (BAF), a national advocacy group that has supported federal and state gas tax hikes. According to the New Hampshire Journal article:

“… Lambert is listed as a member of a national group that has supported a federal gas tax hike and gas tax hikes in other states. His campaign says there is no inconsistency there.”

The article then explains that:

“BAF also describes itself as politically and regionally diverse. But conservatives say its leadership is liberal. The co-chairs are former Obama administration Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is the group’s founder. BAF last year backed a 10 cents-a-gallon gasoline tax hike in Wyoming and another gas tax hike in Michigan. It supports more government funding for high speed rail and mass transit.”

The article also notes that "Lambert, by the way, has not yet returned two contributions his campaign received in June from a nonprofit charity and an auto dealership. Federal campaign finance law bars taking such donations and the campaign promised to check into it."

To read John Distaso’s full article, please click here.