Smith For US Senate - This is YOUR chance to make a DIFFERENCE!


Please take a few moments to send a message to the Senate Conservatives Fund and tell them why you are voting for Senator Bob Smith and why he is worthy of their endorsement.


The Senate Conservatives Fund is a well-respected organization whose mission is to help support TRUE conservatives with ‘potential for a pickup opportunity’ and they are looking closely at the U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire.  

If enough Bob Smith supporters send their responses, they will take notice of Senator Bob Smith and the Winds of Change will happen in New Hampshire!


Please go to the SENATE CONSERVATIVES FUND website and click on RACES.  Click on New Hampshire on the map and a profile of our state will show.  Click on the CONTACT US button and fill in your name and your message.


Please take a few minutes of your time in support of Senator Bob Smith.



Suggested Talking Points

Senator Bob Smith —

  • Is only true conservative in the NH GOP Primary
  • Has always been for lower taxes, smaller government, eliminating unneeded inefficient bureaucracy.
  • Supports a rational national energy policy.  
  • Will vote to repeal Obamacare.  
  • Supports right to life.  
  • Is pro-Second Amendment.  
  • Senator Smith is proud of his pro-Republican senate record, standing up for conservative principles when many in the party do not.  
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