Garcia For Congress (CD2) - ICYMI— Granite Grok: "According to Gary Lambert Cutting Taxes Will Raise Taxes"



In case you missed it, today posted an article disputing the accusations made by Gary Lambert in a flyer he recently mailed to voters. The article points out that the evidence cited by Gary Lambert does not back up his claims at all, and questions why Lambert is criticizing Marilinda Garcia for desiring to close corporate loopholes. According to the article:

“This is an incredible claim, and not simply because it is hyperbolic. It is incredible because the odds of you finding any credible corroboration of the accusation, given the references provided on the mailer are near to nil.”

The article goes on to explain that “The Lambert campaign has placed a rhetorical bet based purely on the suspension of disbelief. Do you so [sic] little about my opponent that you will simply take my word that a Republican supports a massive tax hike and policies that would kill half a million jobs?"

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