NHDP - MEMO: Scott Brown is Wrong for NH Seniors

To: Interested Parties
From: Ray Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party
Date: August 12, 2014
Subject: Scott Brown is Wrong for New Hampshire Seniors
Scott Brown can’t hide his record of voting again and again against seniors and for corporate special interests--from Big Oil and big pharmaceutical companies to big Wall Street banks. Scott Brown’s record makes clear he is wrong for New Hampshire seniors, and our seniors can’t trust him to protect the benefits they’ve earned, on which they depend for retirement security.
Brown Supported Deep Cuts to Medicare and Social Security
Instead of siding with New Hampshire seniors, Brown voted for the Republican spending plan in 2011 that favored the wealthy at the expense of New Hampshire seniors. The plan would have forced “deep cuts” into Medicare and Social Security, and was opposed by the AARP.  The bill would have helped “dismantle” the social safety net, forcing even deeper cuts than the Ryan Budget. 
Scott Brown tried to balance the budget on the backs of seniors while protecting the special interests that fund his campaigns. That is wrong.  Scott Brown refused to stand up to those who were intent on slashing Medicare and Social Security—New Hampshire seniors deserve an ally in the Senate, not a crony of Big Oil, Wall Street, and corporate special interests.
Brown Opposed Strengthening Medicare, Wants To Reopen The Donut Hole
Scott Brown would increase prescription drug costs for New Hampshire seniors in the Medicare Part D donut hole by an average of $800 per person per year. The Affordable Care Act has saved New Hampshire seniors more than $40 million since 2010, and helped extend Medicare's solvency by 13 years, but that doesn't matter to Brown. He is focused on taking us back to a time when seniors had to pay more for prescription drugs, and 
weakening Medicare. 

Opposed Providing Emergency Relief to Seniors During the Recession

In the midst of the economic downturn, Scott Brown opposed providing an emergency increase in Social Security for seniors in lieu of a cost of living adjustment.  Seniors in great need would have gotten emergency relief in a time of financial insecurity, but Brown stood in the way, preventing help from reaching our country’s seniors.  But the slow economy didn't stop Brown from voting for billions in tax breaks for Big Oil companies. 

Seniors here know Brown is wrong for New Hampshire. Granite State seniors can't afford the higher prescription drug costs and forced cuts to Medicare and Social Security that Scott Brown is advocating. Brown is on the wrong side of these issues, and wrong for New Hampshire seniors.