Concord - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement on Attorney General Joe Foster's comments on the latest probe of Governor Hassan's campaign donations. In an interview with New Hampshire Journal, Foster said he would "probably" recuse himself from the review because he served on then-candidate Hassan's campaign finance committee in 2012.


"Governor Hassan's illegal campaign donation scheme has raised serious questions and cast a dark ethical could over her administration. As a member of then-candidate Hassan's 2012 campaign finance committee, Attorney General Foster has a clear conflict of interest that could taint the latest probe of the governor's donations. We are pleased that the Attorney General recognizes this problem and is leaning towards recusing himself from the investigation. We hope he will quickly formalize his decision so that the New Hampshire Department of Justice can expedite its review of the tens of thousands of dollars that labor unions have funneled into Governor Hassan's bank account."


The New Hampshire Republican State Committee filed a complaint with the New Hampshire Department of Justice regarding potentially illegal contributions made by the Plumbers and Steamfitters PAC. Hassan has already returned $33,000 in illegal campaign contributions.