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 Obama once bragged to Francoise Hollande, the Socialist president of France: "That's the good thing as president. I can do whatever I want."

Maybe it would be funnier if Obama was joking - but, considering that's exactly how he views his job, it's downright scary.

AFP is gearing up for a 2014 fight like no other.

And, as one of AFP's top grassroots leaders, we need you representing AFP again - and showing the country just how much change a conservative grassroots army can bring.

That's why we want to send you (for absolutely no cost) two critical things you, as an AFP activist, should have: your own personalized stack of AFP business cards right away, as well as a copy of AFP's brand-new Congressional Directory.

When you're leading the fight your neighborhood and town, your business cards will show you officially stand with AFP, doing your part to advance health care freedom and help American families.

And your Congressional Directory will give you all the information you need to directly contact members of Congress and their staff on the critical issues facing our country.

Please go here right now, so we can send you your complimentary AFP business cards and your AFP Congressional Directory - and you can continue doing your part to lead this fight in 2014.

Because let me tell you: your support is more critical in 2014 than ever before.

Here's the scariest thing about Obama: with the mainstream media actively hiding the truth from the American people, Obama might actually have the ability to "do whatever he wants" nowadays.

And he'll continue to misuse your hard-earned tax dollars, put the country deeper in debt, and restrict your health care freedom - unless AFP activists like you and me take our case directly to the American people right away and work together to stop him and his allies in Congress from doing any more harm.

Get your AFP business cards today
Because AFP's 2 million-strong grassroots army, people just like you and me, is the largest in the country - and the only one with the resources and momentum to expose the truth, take on the Left's big-government agenda, and put our nation back on the path to prosperity in 2014.

If you're still in - if you're still ready to fight - please let us know to send your zero cost, complimentary AFP business cards and Congressional Directory, so you can represent AFP in the grassroots fights happening now and in those to come.

You might've already seen our TV ads, currently airing all across America - in critical states like North Carolina, Arkansas, New Hampshire, and Louisiana, where individuals and families are suffering because of misguided, poorly-constructed policies like ObamaCare and wasteful spending. These high-profile, wide-reaching ads are only going to grow in number and scope in the coming months.

Or you might've gone to one of AFP's bus tour stops in Iowa or Louisiana. Or one of AFP's phone banks in Florida. Or one of our town hall meetings in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

These boots-on-the-ground grassroots efforts are going to grow, too. Our grassroots army is going to be larger - and more effective - than ever.

All over the nation, AFP activists are ready to fight. We're ready to reach millions and millions of Americans this year to stop the Left's big-government agenda dead in its tracks, before it can do any more damage to Americans and their families.

But, we can't do it unless we can count on activists like you - patriots willing to stand up and do what it takes to fix the massive damage to our great nation that's been done by the President and his buddies in Congress.

We can expose the truth, we can hold Obama and his allies responsible, and we can bring more liberty and prosperity to America in 2014 - but only if you're willing to stand up in support once more right now.

Can I count on you? Can our nation count on you?

Please go here to keep our nation's ObamaCare fight alive--and get your complimentary business cards and Congressional Directory from AFP today.

Thank you so much for your help - I'm so grateful to have you fighting alongside me and AFP in 2014.