Political Headlines - August 13, 2014

The Boston Globe





Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • FDA should get tough on e-cigarettes: The Food and Drug Administration’s weak rules on electronic cigarettes came under a new round of criticism last week, writes columnist Derrick Z. Jackson.  
  • John Tierney's vulnerable incumbency: Rep. John Tierney is considered the most politically vulnerable of the Mass. delegation and one of the most at-risk incumbents in the nation, writes columnist Thomas Farragher.
  • Beacon Hill group aims to stop disabled ramps: Boston's Mayor says it's the law, but the neighborhood’s civic association says handicap ramps would mar the area’s historic character. David Abel and Travis Andersen report on the latest.
  • Gubernatorial candidates weigh lowering sales tax: Another year, another sales tax holiday this weekend, which always makes me ask: When will the state give us a real break and roll back the sales tax to 5 percent? Columnist Shirley Leung commentates.